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Hi Everyone!

I’m Lexi Ulmer, and I’m a Contemporary Country Singer/Songwriter/Musician and I also love to act.  I generally write at least 2 songs a week, mostly country about my so-called love life.  I’m what you could classify as a hopeless romantic, and I write songs about everyone and anyone.  All of my songs are true stories and it makes me completely thrilled when I play a song and people tell me how much they can relate.  It tells me that I did a good job wording my point to where everyone can understand.

My favorite color is white.  Many people would argue that white isn’t a color, but to me it’s the best one out there.  I love dresses and sparkles.  I wear a dress at any possible opportunity and I plan on having a sparkle-covered guitar in every color when I go on my first headlining tour.  I love it when people love my music.  In my opinion, exclamation marks make everything more exciting! (!!!!!!)

I’m a sophomore in high school, and I’m on the varsity tennis team!  I’m a Harry Potter nerd and my secret ambition is to go to Hogwarts at Christmas time.  Speaking of Christmas, it’s my favorite holiday.  Most people outgrow the theme and fall fast asleep on Christmas Eve night; however, you would find me wide awake in bed dreaming about sugar plums.

Thank you for reading this and I’ll see you when my first CD comes out! –Lexi Ulmer

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