Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dream of New York City

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I’ve always had this dream that I’ll move to New York City, fall in love in the snow, and never run into writer’s block again. What do you dream of?

How I Write Songs

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When I write a song, I have to be feeling particularly strong about something. There is usually something on my mind that I really want to say, so I start by writing a letter. I let it all out, all of my frustration or happiness or indifference or whatever else. Then I pick up my [...]

Thanks for joining my journey

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Hi Everyone! I’m Lexi Ulmer, and I’m a Contemporary Country Singer/Songwriter/Musician and I also love to act.  I generally write at least 2 songs a week, mostly country about my so-called love life.  I’m what you could classify as a hopeless romantic, and I write songs about everyone and anyone.  All of my songs are [...]